NPO Developers License

Brian Behlendorf brian at
Wed Apr 27 21:39:17 UTC 2005

The Apache Software Foundation, like many other open source projects, is a 
501c3 non-profit and there is no problem here that any lawyer has found. 
The ASF is not doing the selling.


On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Don Cameron wrote:
> Hoping this question is appropriate for this forum.
> I am seeking a license suitable for a group of Non-Profits wishing to
> develop and distribute software. The license should allow access to, and
> modification of the source and prohibit reselling of original or modified
> derivatives. This is to comply with NPO constitutional requirements that:
> "donated products or merchandise must not be resold for profit". For the
> purpose of distribution, all software developed would be deemed "a donated
> product".
> Is there such a license approved by OSI? I am unsure if a license that
> prevents reselling  qualifies as Open Source - my reading of the OSI web
> suggests that only licenses empowering for-profit redistribution
> (commercial) are approved.
> If the license we need is not available or cannot be written and approved as
> Open Source, maybe we need an envelope distribution license preventing
> reselling that sits above and supplants any developmental license conditions
> - any advice on ways to achieve this objective are appreciated.
> Don

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