Copy-Back License draft for discussion

Chris Zumbrunn chris at
Mon Apr 25 17:33:53 UTC 2005

On Apr 25, 2005, at 5:16 PM, John Cowan wrote:

>> The project (I'd expect "this" to refer to the licence or
>> work (software or documentation)), but note my native language
>> isn't English.
> "This project" is more specific than "the project".

I currently use "this project" for what it being licensed and "the 
project" for the licensor. If I can come up with an elegant way of 
extracting clearer definitions for those two terms from the "Copyright 
Notice" in the same way I'm currently already doing it with the 
"Contact Address" then I'll change both these terms accordingly.

>> Please do not write the disclaimer in ALL CAPS, it makes
>> it hard to read and easy to misunderstand.
> Unfortunately, it's probably not enforceable in the U.S. if it
> doesn't stand out in some way, and ALL CAPS is the only standout
> form available in plain text.

What about the text of the disclaimer? Is there a version that works 
well/best in the various jurisdictions?


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