Copy-Back License draft for discussion

Bruce Perens bruce at
Mon Apr 25 15:39:11 UTC 2005

Chris Zumbrunn wrote:

> People who simply make a distro would not have to keep track of
> anything. They just need to keep the copyright notice in place the
> same way they currently do with the BSD license. In which way does the
> Copyback License require them to keep track of something?

Distros always modify the software. They can't maintain it otherwise.
Debian very definitely won't accept this sort of license, both because
it's a tremendous pain for the distribution to track, and because it's
an even greater difficulty for anyone who would construct a derived

In general, it should be possible to fulfill your license obligation by
distributing all source along with the product under the same license as
the original work, and by making the licenses accessable. This is about
the maximum load that should be imposed on anyone who does not wish to
make a proprietary work.



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