Official License Anti-Proliferation policy?

Russell Nelson nelson at
Tue Apr 12 20:00:03 UTC 2005

Ernest Prabhakar writes:
 > Hi Russ,
 > On Apr 12, 2005, at 12:41 PM, Russell Nelson wrote:
 > > Ernest Prabhakar writes:
 > >
 > >> Laura, Russ:  So, can we get an official statement about whether this
 > >> list/committee (license-discuss) is still in existence, or whether it
 > >> has been superseded by this rules change?  Or, do we need to "re-up"
 > >> if we want to play in the new regime?
 > >
 > > Different committee entirely.  Different mailing list, too, I expect.
 > Um, for which part? Does this committee still ensure OSD compliance,  
 > but NOT the "other three criteria"?   Or, will the new committee only  
 > handle the Preferred/Approved/Deprecated tiering?

Sorry.  Let me explain.  The License Approval Committee is not
changing.  License-discuss will continue to have a direct channel into
the committee's deliberations.  All the traditional criteria for
approving a license remain.  Three new criteria have been added:
template, new/unique, and humane language.

License Proliferation will handle the tiering.  They will undoubtedly
use the three new criteria to help them, but they'll use other
criteria of their own devise as well.

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