Official License Anti-Proliferation policy?

Ernest Prabhakar prabhaka at
Tue Apr 12 19:44:50 UTC 2005

Hi Russ,

On Apr 12, 2005, at 12:41 PM, Russell Nelson wrote:
> Ernest Prabhakar writes:
>> Laura, Russ:  So, can we get an official statement about whether this
>> list/committee (license-discuss) is still in existence, or whether it
>> has been superseded by this rules change?  Or, do we need to "re-up"
>> if we want to play in the new regime?
> Different committee entirely.  Different mailing list, too, I expect.

Um, for which part? Does this committee still ensure OSD compliance,  
but NOT the "other three criteria"?   Or, will the new committee only  
handle the Preferred/Approved/Deprecated tiering?

Or, is this list now officially defunct?

-- Ernie P.

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