Official License Anti-Proliferation policy?

Chuck Swiger chuck at
Tue Apr 12 06:12:28 UTC 2005

Laura Majerus wrote:
> While I don't yet know exactly what the license proliferation committee
> will recommend to the board about tiering overall, I do know that the
> Gpl will not be placed in a non-[recommended] tier. No way.

Of course not.  There are lots of reasons to recommend the GPL, it has surely 
formed a self-sustaining ecosphere of software.  But it's not for everyone.

Who is on the license proliferation committee, BTW?

Can we disinherit them and create a license anti-proliferation committee, 
instead, possibly with some discussion as to criterea for who should be on it?

> I personally think we need a word instead of 'deprecated' by the way
> because it has some negative meanings in the non-technical world.

It has a negative meaning in the technical world, too: I guess you're safe 
using the word around us techies, we won't be confused. :-)

> 'Not recomended anymore' is closer to our intent.

OK.  Then could someone talk about what happens now with a license like the 
Intel license?


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