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Wyatt Nordstrom wyattnordstrom at
Thu Apr 7 14:26:34 UTC 2005

Justin Cliff put forth the idea of a license wizard a week ago,
and it failed to generate any discussion. 

I believe the idea of a license wizard, as termed below, to have
merit, and it should warrant further discussion. Not to add to
the excited discussion on terminology, but I feel that wizard
implies a magical property that probably does not exist in
software licensing. Would license guide be a better term?

I imagine the primary benefit of this would be in the thought
provoking questions, which would be particularly useful to a
person new to open source licensing, such as myself.

Wyatt Nordstrom

--- Justin Clift <jclift at> wrote:

> As an additional measure, technical rather than strategic,
> would it be 
> worthwhile looking to lower the barriers to choosing an Open
> Source 
> license by implementing something simple like... a wizard?  ;)
> This may or may not be a popular example to point out, but the
> Creative 
> Commons website has a wizard/guide through which it asks the
> potential 
> publisher a series of questions in step by step fashion:
> At the end of which, they're where they need to be.  Can we
> apply a 
> similar process here, to guide people to the existing licenses
> that 
> would meet their needs, and possibly guide them around
> licenses that 
> (from here forwards) are felt not as recommendable as perhaps
> they once 
> were?
> Regards and best wishes,
> Justin Clift
> -- 
> Executive Director
> Digital Distribution Global Training Services Pty. Ltd.
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> providers

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