compatibility and the OSD

Rick Moen rick at
Wed Sep 29 19:43:13 UTC 2004

Quoting Marius Amado Alves (amado.alves at

> Yeah, it figures. Him putting words in our mouths is small after him
> putting intentions in our minds. I'm referring of course to the
> accusations of bait-and-switch practice. Fortunately the SDC public
> archives show our good will, and that our intention to distantiate
> from the term "open source" is at least 3-months old:

Oh, so it's OK to mislead the public directly on your Web site's front
page, _if_ they can dig for the truth in the mailing list archives.  I see.

That's _precisely_ what John Cowan spoke of when he characterised this
as a "bait and switch".

My apologies for mis-parsing Henry Pijffers's sentence "I myself am for
not using open source at all" and guessing in error that he
inadvertantly left out the word "example".  It was still early in the
morning for me and I hadn't had my coffee.  However, the quoted sentence
was _still_ not the least bit relevant to the matter at hand, exactly as
I said.

> The only concession I'll make is stop using the term "open source".
> I'll say "available source" or something.

That will completely fix the problem, and seems like a very good idea.  
Thank you.  Good luck to your group.

> Too much fanatism there.

My fanaticism, your consistency, eh.  ;->

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