compatibility and the OSD

Marius Amado Alves amado.alves at
Wed Sep 29 19:30:37 UTC 2004

> Mario, I think Rick knows perfectly well what I meant. I think his 
> remark is just one more attempt to make me look like an idiot.  (Henry)

Yeah, it figures. Him putting words in our mouths is small after him 
putting intentions in our minds. I'm referring of course to the 
accusations of bait-and-switch practice. Fortunately the SDC public 
archives show our good will, and that our intention to distantiate from 
the term "open source" is at least 3-months old:

<<I give up on discussing with open source people.

The only concession I'll make is stop using the term "open source". I'll
say "available source" or something. And this is not really a
concession, because now it is I who don't want to be labeled "open
source". Too much fanatism there. Bad for business.>>
(myself, 2004-07-06)

The second part has become real. Check the new SDC site in a few hours, 
or now. And if you check 
the SDC messages, you'll find the decision to excise "open source" from 
it had taken place already.

The first part I didn't follow through, but I'm just about to :-)

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