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Rick Moen rick at
Mon Sep 27 18:27:34 UTC 2004

Quoting Alex Rousskov (rousskov at

> Which
>   (a) confirms an obvious fact that many authors are clueless
> and
>   (b) demonstrates "an understanding different from that of Rick Moen" understanding that, moveover, differs from that of _copyright law_. 
Thus my point.

Did you have one, other than to demonstrate poor judgement in targets
for badly conceived personal potshots?

> I hope you are not implying that only Public Domain projects on Source 
> Forge misrepresent derivative work status?

I hope you are not unable to read and comprehend my earlier message in
which I point out misclassifications in all _three_ categories (or 
unable to notice yourself searching a change of topic after having
miscalculated rather badly.)

But, since you raise the question, in my licence-audit of about 800 PalmOS 
works claimed to be open source (including "public domain"), "public
domain" did indeed comprise an overwhelming majority of those with
serious licensing problems.

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