For Approval: Academic Citing License

Alex Rousskov rousskov at
Mon Sep 27 18:03:53 UTC 2004

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Rick Moen wrote:

> I've decided I'm not _quite_ done with you, Mr. Rousskov, so please
> don't slink off quite so quickly.  Let's consider one handy example of
> what you call "an understanding differing from that of Rick Moen",
> :
> Ergo, it became obvious that, in this case ""an understanding 
> differing from that of Rick Moen" meant "I grabbed this and am 
> misrepresenting my derivative work as public domain despite not 
> having permission from upstream authors... because I can".

   (a) confirms an obvious fact that many authors are clueless
   (b) demonstrates "an understanding different from that of Rick Moen"

Thus, I am not sure why you are using this particular case. In fact, as 
I said earlier, we should be thankful that the author picked "public 
domain" option because it prompted your [more careful] review of their 
software status.

I hope you are not implying that only Public Domain projects on Source 
Forge misrepresent derivative work status?


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