Grouping licenses

Kevin Sean Halle seanhalle at
Fri Sep 24 00:51:56 UTC 2004

I would like to second the idea of grouping licenses.  I don't have the 
knowledge to do this, but I am willing to assist.

    Just a "plain english" bullet-point-list of the features in a given 
license would be huge.  Even just for the top-four..  GPL, MIT, academic, BSD

Is this the "best" top-four list?  What list does include the licenses that 
define the major categories?


At 10:31 PM 9/22/2004, Roger Fujii wrote:
>Russell Nelson wrote:
>>NIH is as bad for licenses as it is for code.  We've handily solved
>>the problem of software reuse; now if only we could solve the problem
>>of license reuse.
>Would make things easier if there was a categorized list of all OSD
>licenses so that one could use one that already exists.  Currently,
>(unless I'm missing something), there's just one big list, and you
>have to read each and every one until you find one that works.
>At minimum, licenses could be grouped into:
>    MIT-like (very permissive),
>    weak copyleft (MPL, LGPL)
>    strong copyleft (GPL)
>I'm sure that each could be further subcategorized, but that's left
>as an exercise to the well-informed. :)

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