STWL (spread the word license)

Mikko Valimaki mikko.valimaki at
Tue Sep 21 20:16:33 UTC 2004

Bernhard Fastenrath wrote:
> Hello.
> I'd like to suggest a new license:

An interesting idea indeed, however...

>    3. You make an attempt to promote the use of this software by 
> notifying parties to which this software may be of interest about the 
> software, even if such parties have not yet recognized the need 
> themselves or already attempt to use another type of software, 
> especially if the later is proprietary software.

Sounds like spamming to me.

>    4. You agree to be of assistance if anybody requires your help in 
> installing the software or understanding the software.

This is overbroad and legally unenforceable.


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