For Approval: German Free Software License [Scanned by BitDefender]

John Cowan jcowan at
Wed Nov 24 20:51:55 UTC 2004

Jan Dockx scripsit:

> Isn't this a bit too harsh anyway? Why shouldn't I be able to publish
> source code under an Open Source License, when I know there are some bugs
> left, but I don't have the time to clean them up now? This is, I believe,
> possible with GPL, MPL, BSD, etc...

Tough noogies.  If German law says you can't disclaim liability for known
defects, then you can't.  The power to contract is the legislative power,
delegated to individuals, and is always superseded by the law of the land.
Attempting to contract around that will fail.

I just wanted to make sure that German law extends only to known defects, and
not to ones that are presumed to exist but which cannot be specified at present.

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