AW: For Approval: German Free Software License

John Cowan cowan at
Wed Nov 24 13:11:42 UTC 2004

Bernhard Fastenrath scripsit:

> That sounds like a foundation for the required trust into the GFSL but
> I don't see the OSI can agree to a license that takes away OSI's freedom
> to reject future versions without leaving customers suddenly with a
> non-OSI compliant license. What you are actually asking for is for OSI
> to give you a signature in blank, which is something the OSI cannot do
> without giving up its primary purpose.

How are licensees (who are the people we are actually trying to benefit)
worse off under this regime than they are under the GPL, which (at least
in Anglo-American law) is not even a binding contract, but rather an
arbitrary act of sovereign power by the licensor, and as such subject
to revocation at any time?

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