For Approval: German Free Software License

Thorsten Glaser tg at
Wed Nov 24 14:32:48 UTC 2004

Bernhard Fastenrath dixit:

> The GPL v3 is by design compatible with the GPL v2 and v1 so it is left

Is? It's a work in progress.

There's much speculations about a possible outcome, and people
already fear the newer versions.

> I'm less certain about the built-in GPL compatibility of the GFSL. Could
> you please clarify in what way the GPL and the GFSL are compatible?

Read it.

> I don't see the OSI can agree to a license that takes away OSI's freedom
> to reject future versions without leaving customers suddenly with a

a) OSI can certify a specific version, once numbering has been applied.
b) since D-FSL is GPL-compatible and offers to combine the work with
   GNU GPL'd work under GPL terms, you've got always a loophole.


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