AW: For Approval: German Free Software License

Axel Metzger metzger at
Wed Nov 24 08:50:43 UTC 2004

Hello Bernhard,

Bernhard Fastenrath wrote:

>This allows the license board to change the terms of
>the license in any way they desire, even in a way that is no
>longer compliant with the OSI definition of open source software,
>which should be sufficient to make the license unacceptable for
>the OSI.
>This clause is also very likely unacceptable as both the licensor and
>the licensee give up control of the content of their contract.
>To leave the interpretation of 'required and reasonable' to a court
>seems to overstrain the court as these terms are subject to

Please see also my long comment on this point in the answer to Chuck Swiger.

There is one substantial new point in your remark. You are suggesting that a
license cannot be considered as an Open Source License if one is not sure
about the exact terms of future license versions. I do not agree to that
point of view. If a new license version would not meet the requirements of
the OSI Definition then this new license version should not be certified. I
do not see why license version 1 should be infected by a (misleadingly!!)
presumed non-compliance of license version 2. BTW: We will make it clear in
the statute of the license board that every new license version will meet the
requirements of the OSI definition.

Best regards


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