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Tue Nov 2 03:19:06 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 08:17, Emre Sokullu wrote:
> Yes I see that AGPL is satisfactory for most cases. But i didn't know
> that it wasn't OSI approved. Will it be approved soon, or included in
> GPL v3.0?

Well, I had asked the same question, and it seems Eben Moglen is
supposed to take the feedabck generated here on this list a couple of
months ago and prepare a new version of the AGPL for submission.

I have no idea what the timeline for that is.

> Why AGPL or GPL didn't meet my needs?
> Well because it's true that I was intended to make it possible to make
> money out of your internet based Product, in some particular (but very
> limited) situations.

Are you familiar with business models based on dual licensing a GPL

If so, you should see that they are equally applicable to web
applications by using the AGPL instead of the GPL.

In a nutshell, if you create your web-application and release it under
the AGPL, anyone who uses and enhances your application to provide a
service (commercial or otherwise) *must* make their modifications
available, so you benefit from their enhancements too.

If someone wants to build a proprietary service based on your software,
they must negotiate a different license from you that will allow them to
do that (which privilege you can charge them for, of course).

And, of course, since you own the copyright to your code, you can create
your own proprietary derivatives of the software for a commercial
service without being obligated to release the enhancements, and make
money that way.

> Plus as i couldn't see anything which states sth like "developers can't
> make money out of their OSI approved licensed Product(s)", I decided to
> bring my proposal to this list.

Of course you can make money. In fact, I hope this short explanation on
"How-To Make Money From Your AGPL-Licensed Web-Application" has been

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