Licenses and subterfuge

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Wed Feb 25 19:04:04 UTC 2004

Alex Rousskov scripsit:

> Note that the above rules imply that what you say in documentation is
> irrelevant. For example, if you write software that uses published
> readline interface and instruct all your users to dynamically link
> with GPL readline (for whatever reason), _your_ software is not
> subject to GPL. Only the resulting mix is. 

However, a judge might decide that an instruction to the customer to
"do your own linking" was a transparent attempt to bypass the GPL, and
decide to treat it as a violation.  Saying "I can't do this and send
you the result, but I can tell you how to do it instead" is a fishy
thing to do.  IANAL, TINLA, but I'd say "Don't do that."

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