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Ann W. Harrison aharrison at
Wed Feb 11 20:52:28 UTC 2004

Hello all,

   As part of the Firebird open source database project, we created
a close derivative of the Mozilla Public License V1.1 which we call
the "Initial Developer's Public License."  The license follows the
instructions in the MPL V1.1 for creating derivative works based on
the MPL.  The modifications consist of eliminating the right of
Netscape to create new versions of the license which may be applied
to the Firebird code and documenting that change.  Our goals are to

    a) Allow the use of the Firebird project code, in whole or
       in part, in open source and commercial applications

    b) Require that the source code for modifications to the
       Firebird code and interfaces from the Firebird code to
       new code be published under the same conditions as the
       Firebird code if the modifications or extensions are
       distributed beyond the organization which modified or
       extended the code.

    c) Make no reference to an originating authority for the
       license(e.g. Netscape, the Regents of University of
       California, IBM, Lucent ...)

   Before I engage an intellectual property lawyer to prepare the
analysis required in step three of the license approval process,
I'd like to ask two questions.

1) Has an equivalent license been approved already?  I read the
approved licenses but IANAL and may well have missed one.

2) Is a full legal analysis necessary for those sections which
are exactly identical to the MPL V1.1?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ann Harrison

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