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Russell McOrmond russell at
Fri Aug 20 16:04:30 UTC 2004

On Fri, 20 Aug 2004, Andrea Chiarelli wrote:

> - Is this a restriction on redistribution (on freedom of 
> redistribution)?

  You are confusing "freedom to" and "freedom from".  The purpose of the
GPL and other copyleft licenses (a subset of Open Source) is to protect
people from restrictions added to licenses of derivative works.  You are
also confusing the freedom to redistribute with the freedom to
redistribute under a new license, which is also not the same thing.

  "your right to swing your cane ends at my nose"...  Freedoms and rights
are never absolute, and can't be if they are to exist at all.

> - If this can be considered a restriction, how can I distinguish among
> acceptable restrictions and unacceptable ones?

  You read the Open Source Definition to find out what the Open Source
movement considered acceptable or unacceptable.

  You read the Free Software Definition to find out what the Free Software 
movement considers acceptable.

  If you want to know what I find acceptable, ask me ;-)

  I don't find the restrictions you wish to impose on non-royalty-based
commercial distribution of works (derivative or verbatim) to be
acceptable.  I do not believe they fit either the OSI or FSF definitions.

  Hope that helps.

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