For Approval: Open Source Software Alliance License

Sean Chittenden sean at
Sat Sep 27 17:01:14 UTC 2003

> > I know that, but I want people to take bits and make them
> > proprietary.  More correctly.  In my own context, I want to be
> > able to use the fruits of my labor.  The contributions that I seek
> > are from other widget makers using the same tool for their widget.
> In that case, a "community" style license may be more appropriate.
> For example Netscape uses (used?) this. All modified releases are to
> be publicly available (much like the GPL), but furthermore everyone
> who is not Sean Chittenden has to license his modifications to Sean
> under arbitrary terms. This allows Sean to do whatever he wants, for
> example selling the modifications.

Under the OSSAL, there is no central organization, like there is with
the MPL.  The OSSAL is much more distributed than the MPL, which is
why I like it more than the MPL.



Sean Chittenden
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