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Fri Sep 26 20:56:43 UTC 2003

Russell Nelson scripsit:

> It's actually a fairly interesting license.  It's very like the
> modified BSD license in that you can do anything you want including
> relicense.  Where it gets interesting is that if you publish changes
> and DON'T require a written license for your derivative work, you are
> granting a license back to the original licensor.  This is a neat
> variant on the original APSL's intent of "If you deploy, you must
> publish and tell us."  It says "If you publish without instructions to
> the contrary, we get a license."  I think the FSF will consider this a
> free software license as well.

At first I was not sure if this license infringed OSD #5, but I conclude
that it does not; it privileges certain people over others (it is FSF-unfair),
but it does not actually disadvantage anyone.

I believe it is also FSF-free.

Thumbs up.

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