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Russell Nelson nelson at
Fri Sep 26 19:32:03 UTC 2003

This license has been sitting around for over a month, and nobody has
said anything.  Maybe it's because it's obviously open source, but as
committee members, I'd like to hear it explicitly from your mouths (or
keyboards rather) to report back to the board.

It's actually a fairly interesting license.  It's very like the
modified BSD license in that you can do anything you want including
relicense.  Where it gets interesting is that if you publish changes
and DON'T require a written license for your derivative work, you are
granting a license back to the original licensor.  This is a neat
variant on the original APSL's intent of "If you deploy, you must
publish and tell us."  It says "If you publish without instructions to
the contrary, we get a license."  I think the FSF will consider this a
free software license as well.

Anyway, could I hear some discussion of it?

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