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John Cowan cowan at
Fri Sep 26 11:25:41 UTC 2003

Ken Brown scripsit:

> [...] is on a -paid for by IBM- team.  [...] is on a -paid for
> by IBM team-.  [...] is -bought and paid for by- IBM. (smile).  

This is offensive.  Please stop it.  Publishing private mail is even more
offensive.  Please don't do it.  Ethnic slurs are totally unacceptable.
Stop it.

I am a Reuters employee, but my opinions are my own.  The fact that I
work for Reuters, and that Reuters's home base is the U.K., does not mean
(as a certain Irish nationalist nutcase told me last year) that I
am in the pay of the English.

> Res Ipse Loquitur.

"Ipsa".  "Res" is a feminine noun.   Priscian's head shrinks, cracks.

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