For Approval: Open Source Software Alliance License

Ken Brown kennethpbrown at
Fri Sep 26 11:00:20 UTC 2003

Bruce "Shyer" is on a -paid for by IBM- team.  Tony Stanco is on a -paid for
by IBM team-.  Ed Black is -bought and paid for by- IBM. (smile).  Before
you jump too quick to conclusions, ask IBM and get back to me.  By the way
the CCIA  mission statement on its website ( reads: CCIA's
mission is to further our members' business interests by being the leading
industry advocate in promoting open, barrier-free competition in the
offering of computer and communications products and services worldwide...."
Res Ipse Loquitur.

I have no problems with I said, I'd be happy to have a check from
IBM too.  Its just time to end the mythology that Linux is something that
people who are above "money" sell. Linux is a business product. It makes
money.  It makes more money as it is advertised, promoted and sold, etc.
Linux salesman are capitalists, not philanthropists.  I don't see a
difference, nor do I think it is objectionable.

Aside from all that, you were at the conference when Bruce Perens conceded
that the GPL has commercial limitations.  Ask Ed to give you a copy of the
tape. The original point of my comment was that there are a number of
software developers that want more commercial capability with the Linux
platform. This has been a real concern for open source developers for many
years.  Developers asking real questions about this deserve real answers,
not hype.  BSD, MIT and other licenses date the GPL. Presently, there are
hundreds of variations of open source licenses that people choose to do
business with.  Some just "happen" to conflict with the GPL on legitimate
grounds. Just because someone asks a question about the GPL  doesn't make
them a conspirator.


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Ken Brown wrote:

>Big Rick,
>Your IBM funded-man Tony Stanco has the tape.  You should ask him for a
>copy.  By the way, I see quite of bit of IBM money moving around Washington
>these (ie. Ed Black, Bruce Schneir et al.)  Let them know that I have no
>problem AdTI would be happy to accept far less money than those guys are
>getting to support our research.

I just got off the phone with Bruce Schneier* (before reading your
email) and he told me the report he and Dan and the rest released
through CCIA was not funded by anyone to the best of his knowledge. "If
it was," he said, "I didn't get any."

And don't worry, Ken: Your bud Jonathan Zuck at ACT is on the case,
fighting Ed Black and the other Marxists. Why, we even gave him a
platform at NewsForge to tell The Truth:

Or are you just jealous that Jonathan got funding for anti-studies and
you didn't? :)

- Robin 'Roblimo' Miller
"proudly funded by many OSDN sponsors -- including both Microsoft and IBM"

*Bruce and I both spell his last name "Schneier" but we are probably wrong.

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