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Sun Sep 7 11:09:54 UTC 2003

Dear OSI board, dear all,

I browsed through the licenses (and FAQ) on the pages several times the last couple 
of months, and each time I was turned off after a while by the vast 
number of them. I know that most OS projects just use GPL, LGPL, BSD, 
or Apache style, but for some projects other licenses will probably 
fit the business model better.

My question: Is there a taxonomy of licenses, or better: a concise 
set of questions to answer, in order to select the right OSI approved 
license(s) for a project out of the 70+ present?

If there is such a "Answer these 6 yes/no questions and I'll tell you 
your license" site, a "LicenseFinder", I'd surely like to know. If 
not, I volunteer to help building one (and learning about the 
differences in the process :).

- Stan

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