quick request for OSS info resources

Don Jarrell don at digitalthinkinginc.com
Thu Sep 4 22:43:06 UTC 2003

I got some feedback on a prestn I'm doing on OSS (LES, 
San Diego) suggesting that I list informational resources 
relevant to Open Source and its evolution.  I am not 
particularly interested in lots of product/tool/project 
sites, unless they also contribute news, explanation, 
>objective< commentary, generally informative stuff (like 
SourceForge, FSF, OSI, etc).  I will also mention the hallmark
"Cathedral and the Bazaar", so books and such would be 
good also.

If you have any such, please forward pretty soon.  I need
to send this in by 400pm tomorrow.


Cheers.     dj 

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