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Sat Nov 22 18:22:58 UTC 2003

Mitchell Baker wrote:
> Arnoud Engelfriet wrote:
> >No, it's the FUD that the GPL is 'viral' and therefore must
> >be avoided in business environments. It is very well possible
> >to combine GPL-licensed software with proprietary applications.
> >You just have to make the right architectural decisions.
> Yes, but "just" making the "right architectural decisions" is not easy.  
> Sometimes almost impossible if the code is already written.  And 
> sub-optimal in far more situations.  It takes nothing away from the GPL 
> to admit that it can be very awkward for use it in business settings.  

True. I didn't want to create the impression that it's easy.
You have to "think through" what will happen and what parts
subsequently will be open sourced, and whether that is
acceptable from a business (and legal) point of view.

> And in large complex environments, making the right architectural 
> decisions is difficult enough on purely technical grounds.  Adding 
> another lawyer adds yet more complexity and increases the chance of 
> failure all around.

Adding another _lawyer_? Surely you meant 'layer'? :-)


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