Mitchell Baker Mitchell at
Sun Nov 23 00:24:59 UTC 2003

Arnoud Engelfriet wrote:

>No, it's the FUD that the GPL is 'viral' and therefore must
>be avoided in business environments. It is very well possible
>to combine GPL-licensed software with proprietary applications.
>You just have to make the right architectural decisions.

Yes, but "just" making the "right architectural decisions" is not easy.  
Sometimes almost impossible if the code is already written.  And 
sub-optimal in far more situations.  It takes nothing away from the GPL 
to admit that it can be very awkward for use it in business settings.  
And in large complex environments, making the right architectural 
decisions is difficult enough on purely technical grounds.  Adding 
another lawyer adds yet more complexity and increases the chance of 
failure all around.  People and companies may well choose to do this for 
the value the GPL brings.   Many have and many more will.   But I think 
it is over simplifying things to say that it's easy or without difficulties.


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