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Wed Jul 16 18:45:18 UTC 2003

(Ryo, sorry if you receive this twice.)

Quoting Ryo Chijiiwa <ryo at>:
> I'm the author of a PHP-based webmail client called IlohaMail
> ( currently released under the GPL, and am
> considering offering my software under a license that would maintain its
> free (as in speech) nature but not necessarily be free (as in beer) in
> certain circumstances.
> . . .
> The basic idea is to make the relationship between corporate users and
> open source developers more reciprocal, while maintaining the spirit of
> open source.  If corporations receive software from open source
> developers that allow them to add value to their services, then they
> should reciprocate in some way.
> Some of the questions I have are:
> 1)  Are there re-usable licenses like this out there?

Yes. Check out the Software Developers Cooperative at

> 2)  Would this conflict with the Open Source Definition?

Under certain interpretations, the SDC license breaches clause 6 of the OSD.
That's all. The SDC still calls its model "open source".

> 3)  Where can I get help writing licenses?

The SDC forum supports that, but of course effort is focused on perfecting the
SDC license (w.r.t. legal text and all sort of commentary).

I'm sorry if I'm repeating information already given by others. I didn't had
time to go through the whole thread.

Hope to see ou in the SDC forum ;-)  From the posts I did read, the SDC is
exactly what you're looking for.

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