is it just summertime?

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Russell Nelson scripsit:

> Is it just summertime, and people are outside enjoying themselves?
> Otherwise, I have to wonder why there have been no comments on 

This is basically OK, but has two troubling points.  The term "depends for
its intended functionality on" used in section 3a (and similar language
elsewhere) is not defined and is AFAIK unprecedented.  A web browser
depends for its intended functionality on the correct operation of various
HTTP servers, but cannot be thereby brought under the license terms of
those servers (and a good thing too).  I think this should be stricken
in favor of "contains" (already present) or "is a derivative work of"
(equally undefined, but at least familiar).

In addition, it is not clear that section 2a is an implicit patent grant,
and even less clear that there is an implicit patent grant for users of
derivative works.  I suggest an explicit patent grant be added.


This license is obviously open source.

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