Microsoft's near-OSD-compliant shared source license

Don Jarrell don at
Tue Jul 1 04:01:41 UTC 2003

Maybe it's just that I'm tired after reading heavy stuff 
all day, but ...

I think they have reduced the distinction to nearly one
of pure semantics and dogma, but NO substance.

Under this license, I can:
- use it for commercial or non-commercial stuff
- distribute Source
- create derivative works and distribute them

It is silent on restrictions on distribution WRT 
persons/uses/fees (only has this para 2 thing), and
silent on fee required for this grant.  (Call me 
old-fashioned, but I still like to see "grant" in
the text.)

Does require that further distro be under this license,
which gives subsequent recipient all rights I cited 
above (plus usual use rights).

So, it only says that I cannot, in effect, do something 
that _uses_another_license_ to REQUIRE of subsequent 
distros, what this license accomplishes explicitly in 
its own language.  How parochial is that ?!?

Ok, somebody please set me straight.

Cheers.     dj 

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> Any thoughts?
> This is perhaps the one segment that makes it not 
> OSD-compliant,
> violating OSD #9, but I'm not sure:
>   [You agree] [t]hat you are not allowed to 
> combine or distribute the
>   Software with other software that is licensed 
> under terms that seek to
>   require that the Software (or any intellectual 
> property in it) be
>   provided in source code form, licensed to others 
> to allow the creation
>   or distribution of derivative works, or 
> distributed without charge.
> It even includes a patent poison pill!
> 	Brian
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