"Derivative Work" for Software Defined

Ian Lance Taylor ian at airs.com
Tue Jan 7 02:25:53 UTC 2003

Andre Hedrick <andre at linux-ide.org> writes:

> > > > > I ship and sell binary only products, so I have an interest in not
> > > > > restricting people.
> > > > 
> > > > Other than your customers, presumably.  Restrictions cut both ways.
> > > 
> > > In what way would a restrict cut both ways here?
> > 
> > Binary only products restrict your customers, by comparison to source
> > code products.  I'm not questioning your decision to sell binary only
> > products; I'm just pointing out that by following a scheme of not
> > restricting module distributors, you are choosing to restrict module
> > users.  It's not a case of ``not restricting people,'' as you put it;
> > it's a case of choosing which restrictions to use.
> ``not restricting'' access to my house when the bank issues a forclosure
> (sp).  I am here to sell to cover my costs, build a small war chest.
> Dump the product to opensource at that point and move to the next
> generation of new technology.
> Develop, Sell, War Chest, Release :: repeat
> What more could the open source want, other than to confuse "wishes and
> horses" ?

I repeat, I'm not questioning your decision to sell binary only

I won't bother repeating my actual point again.

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