Cougaar license meaning.

Mikael Andersson snikkt at
Sat Feb 22 13:35:10 UTC 2003

The cougaar[1] license is written in what is probably good form for a lawyer. 
Problem is, i'm not one. And to make matters worse, english isn't even my
primary language. 
Esp paragraph 3,4 by themselves and together really boggled my mind as to what
i could and couldn't do with the software and derivative works of it. 
Paragraph 15 is also a bit hard to understand since i don't know much about 
the laws of Virginia at all and wonder if it's mean something except that the
licensor has choosen a court by convenience.

If anybody really understands it i'd be happy to hear about it. I don't think 
it fits the open-source definition though, albeit i'm not sure due to the 


/regards Mikael Andersson
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