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If you do this, please instad of changing "IBM" to "NVIDIA", make it
a template. ie: [Insert Name Here], so other companies can also use
the template without going through the same process.


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>A little background, then my query...
>NVIDIA's developer support group creates tools and demonstration
>source code
>primarily aimed at game developers and others doing real-time work. By and
>large, we publish source code to our SDK with very little restriction (e.g.
>just keep the header/copyright notice).
>We've come to realize that for particular tool under development, the
>community would be well served if we could provide them on an site, such as
>sourceforge. Primarily to let developers modify and extend the code at a
>rate faster than we can.
>I've been working with our legal department and they suggest taking the IBM
>public license, changing the "IBM" to "NVIDIA" and changing the state from
>"New York" to "Delaware," and modifying the year of the copyright.
>1) Will this require 2 months of review? Or would that be automatic. I
>wouldn't want to hold up a release that long for something so seemingly
>2) Is this copyright infringement w.r.t IBM?
>Manager of Developer Tools, NVIDIA
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