Variant of IBM Public License

Chris Seitz CSeitz at
Wed Apr 30 16:51:31 UTC 2003


A little background, then my query...

NVIDIA's developer support group creates tools and demonstration source code
primarily aimed at game developers and others doing real-time work. By and
large, we publish source code to our SDK with very little restriction (e.g.
just keep the header/copyright notice).

We've come to realize that for particular tool under development, the
community would be well served if we could provide them on an site, such as
sourceforge. Primarily to let developers modify and extend the code at a
rate faster than we can.

I've been working with our legal department and they suggest taking the IBM
public license, changing the "IBM" to "NVIDIA" and changing the state from
"New York" to "Delaware," and modifying the year of the copyright.

1) Will this require 2 months of review? Or would that be automatic. I
wouldn't want to hold up a release that long for something so seemingly

2) Is this copyright infringement w.r.t IBM?

Manager of Developer Tools, NVIDIA
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