Need help choosing appropriate license

Neil Cowburn neilc at
Thu Apr 24 14:27:50 UTC 2003

Hello all

I'm looking for advice on the kind of open-source license I should
adopt. I'm part of an organisation that is about to release a collection
of useful code chunks (all original implementations) and we want to
release them open-source. There are a few stipulations for the license
and these are as follows:

* The source code will be distributed free of charge and royalty-free.
* The source code must not be modified and subsequently released under a
different license. 
* Modifications should be clearly commented as such and the resulting
code released under the same license
* The user of the source code is forbidden from using the code in any
commercial software components or UI controls (i.e. they can use it in
their applications, but they cannot create components and controls based
on our code and then sell to developers).

Can you please advise me as to which license best suits our needs?

Many thanks
Neil Cowburn

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