The OSD and commercial use

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Wed Nov 27 20:45:26 UTC 2002


I've missed most of this thread, but do have a good real-life example
of the case where commercial use much more expensive than personal use.

Here in the US, commercial local phone service costs roughly 3x that
of residential local phone service. You get the exact same thing, but
you're subsidizing the local service for all of the people in your


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>> Imagine if you went to a store and say a display of chairs. Imagine the
>> price 
>> tag said "Non-commercial sitters: free; commercial sitters: 
>$100". Imagine
>I'm sure I could find counters to even this, point, although they tend
>to involve the fact that commercial buyers buy through different 
>channels.  It can work both ways - some things are almost impossible
>to buy as a consumer, at least in sensible quantities.

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