The OSD and commercial use

Mahesh T Pai paivakil at
Sat Nov 23 06:23:06 UTC 2002

David Johnson wrote:

> The following is my opinion only, but it may help to explain the
> "why." Software is fundamentally a different class of product than
> a material product like a chair. Both copyright and the nature of
> software copying makes this so.

Which is why copyright law should not apply to s/w. There is an urgent 
need to have what the guys out there at WIPO call sui generis 
classification for software.

> But the user still wants to be able to treat all products the same.
>  It may be irrational, but that's the way it is. 

I got the point, but it is not the user, but the cos. and corporates 
who control the legislative and treaty making process.  Do not blame 
the poor user for the desparate attempts by the well heeled, long 
pursed and powerful lobbyists out there to retain control over the 
purse strings.

Mahesh T Pai.

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