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On Saturday, November 23, 2002, at 10:04  PM, John Cowan wrote:

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>> Yes. However the agreements are mostly very reasonable for both sides.
>> They rarely include anything like "you agree not to have passengers."
>> If they did I would gladly ignore it.  Wouldn't you?
> I don't drive.  But when my wife rents a car, she is quite careful to
> observe the rule "Don't let anyone else drive", even when that is quite
> inconvenient.

"U.S. Secretary of Treasury Paul O'Neil today announced that the U.S. 
would be adding a "simple" End User License Agreement to all 
denominations of American currency. "The basic idea is to make sure 
that people know that they can't copy money. We've also added some 
liability protections." When pressed about the clause stating that 
"users" agree to be subject to "compliance searches" by treasury 
department officials at any time, Sec. O'Neil referred reporters to the 
Department of Justice. "Look, we're not putting a gun to anyone's head. 
If you don't like the EULA, don't use the currency. It's that simple." 
When reporters pointed out that it is illegal to trade in foreign 
currencies inside the U.S., and that the IRS requires taxation on 
barter to be paid in Dollars, and that city code prevents most citizens 
from growing their own food and manufacturing their own durable goods, 
O'Neal again referred them to the DoJ for clarification. "

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