The OSD and commercial use

David Johnson david at
Sat Nov 23 22:38:57 UTC 2002

On Saturday 23 November 2002 07:37 am, John Cowan wrote:
> Steve Mallett scripsit:
> > I've personally always hated the argument that "you have a choice about
> > what you agree to use."  Of course I do.  I also have the choice to
> > tell you I agree with it to get it and then do as I damn well wish with
> > it.
> Have you ever rented a car?  Do you take that attitude with it?

When you rent a car, you have to put your signature on contract. You are well 
aware at the time you hand over your money that you are entered into a firm 

On the other hand, if I handed over $30, received the keys, and never signed 
anything, then that rental "contract" shoved in the glove box loses a lot of 
its importance.

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