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Bruce Dodson bruce_dodson at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 11 22:54:40 UTC 2002

Just remember, if I can't sell your stuff, it ain't open source.

>extrapolate some of the "benefits" of the GPL.  I have worked for
>companies that will not use free software for fear of tainting their
>development efforts and having their propietary code made free. [CFC]

Yes, there are companies like that.  Their fear is their loss,
and for most open source software it's unfounded.  There are
also companies who have opened their source just so that they
can gain access to code which is only available under GPL.

> > You can't hold onto your custodianship of this technology > through 
>licensing restrictions. [WBD]
>I think you mean "and still release the product as open source",
>because today we do a perfectly good job of retaining our technology
>through licensing restrictions. [CFC]

That's right.  I meant, "if you want to call your license an open source 
license, you can't..."

>So, you believe reinventing the wheel is a good thing (as long as the
>reinvented wheel is an open one (and the old wheel wasn't))? [CFC]

That's what many of us believe, yes.  It does lead to some good
things, like Linux.

>so far, no one has offered to pay me what I expect as a salary and
>allow me to write the software that I want to write and also give it away, 
>and I don't really expect... [CFC]

If you're serious about this, tweak your expectations.


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