OSL and AFL in other countries

Henry Pijffers henry.pijffers at saxnot.com
Sat Nov 9 23:07:35 UTC 2002

Hi again,

I think, like already suggested earlier, that a simple FAQ 
accompanying a license can solve those problems. The FAQ could largely 
consist of questions like "Can I do this or that with the software?". 
The answers could simply be yes or no. That way, our legal needs are 
satisfied, as well as our more common need: to know what we can and 
what we cannot do with a piece of software.

Henry Pijffers

Mikko Valimaki wrote:
> EU directive on the legal protection of computer programs (as given on 
> 14 May 1991) speaks of works CREATED by an author. Other terms used are 
> Term PREPARE does not exist in the EU Directive. So Larry's proposal to 
> use 'prepare' instead of 'create' wouldn't make the language any clearer 
> from someone coming from the Europe.

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