a data licensing problem

Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Nov 9 03:54:40 UTC 2002

John Cowan writes:
 > Russell Nelson scripsit:
 > > Aha!  Bing!  That's how you do it!  You publish the data in a special 
 > > open source format, which is unusable by Windows applications.  Sure,
 > > somebody in the open source world might create a format converter, but 
 > > why would they bother?  Even if they did, you're selling the "real"
 > > dataset, not an in-coverted one.
 > I'm sorry, but this is absolutely unintelligible, unless you are trolling me.
 > Windows programmers are just as smart, one by one, as open-source ones.

If they wanted to run that free software crap, they'd do it.
"Obviously", what you get by paying for it is better than the stuff
you get for free.  It's not that Windows users or developers are
stupid.  It's just that they don't mind showing their appreciation by
paying money.  In the open source world, we pay respect.  And that's
exactly what this customer wants: respect from the open source people
and money from the Windows people.

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