Approval Requested for AFL 1.2 and OSL 1.1

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Fri Nov 8 00:33:14 UTC 2002

The amount of damages that courts would award might vary considerably from
one jurisdiction to the next, even if the license is interpreted exactly the
same way.  Without naming any names <wink>, some countries are just more
litigious than others; some courts, more punitive.

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> > think the terms of the OSL are different, or will be interpreted
> > differently, in those other countries?  It is true that the OSL -- and
> The fact that you said that the choice of law was determined by the
> licensor; if it is unlikely to change, there will be less uncertainty
> for licensees if it is fixed as, say US law.
> As I see it, the only reason to need to specify that the law is defined
> by the licensor is that the interpretation *can* differ for different
> licensors (of which one program may have many).
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