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Emiliano emile at iris-advies.nl
Tue Mar 19 07:09:33 UTC 2002

Henri Poole wrote:

> > But I really wouldn't want to use the source button on any of my software,
> > because I feel it breaks the efficiency of the software to drag its
> > source code around with each and every runnable copy. It feels awkward and
> > kludgy. Source should live on a well-known internet server where it can
> > be easily retrieved and archived. It doesn't need to be a ball and chain.
> Let's say that the download source was simply a pointer to a public
> location on the net where the source could be acquired. If you are
> running a device which enables a file transfer, then that functionity
> is available. If the device doesn't enable file transfer, the user
> would be given a place to go to get the source to an appropriate
> device. This would have very little effect on the efficiency of the
> software.

There's also, I think, a really big difference between BusyBox and an
ASP-type application: if you say your users are the router
builders/operators, they're allready covered by the distributino clause,
and if you say your users are the people whos network traffic flows
through your routers, they are not consciously using your software, and
in a ASP-type application they usually will.


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