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Henri Poole poole at affero.com
Tue Mar 19 00:36:26 UTC 2002

>I am the creator of a GPL-ed embedded system: Busybox. I would not be
>able to use the "source button" on busybox because of the system size
>constraints. Embedded systems are subject to the ASP problem -
Busybox>is used for routers and appliance servers.
>But I really wouldn't want to use the source button on any of my
software,>because I feel it breaks the efficiency of the software to
drag its source>code around with each and every runnable copy. It
feels awkward and kludgy.>Source should live on a well-known internet
server where it can be easily>retrieved and archived. It doesn't need
to be a ball and chain.

Let's say that the download source was simply a pointer to a public 
location on the net where the source could be acquired. If you are 
running a device which enables a file transfer, then that functionity
is available. If the device doesn't enable file transfer, the user
would be given a place to go to get the source to an appropriate
device. This would have very little effect on the efficiency of the


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