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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Mar 13 15:30:21 UTC 2002

Quoting Colin Percival (colin.percival at wadham.ox.ac.uk):

> As I said, there is a *tradition*.  Traditions aren't always followed,
> and the last thing I want is for a project to fork into two incompatible
> versions based on their licenses.

If you have mindshare, then the existence of other people's forks based
on anything is not a threat.  If you don't have mindshare, then maybe
you're Darren Reed.  ;->

Like Darren, you're trying to control forking potential by adding
restrictions.  But that will (I predict) prevent gaining and holding 
mindshare, and thus auto-ghettoising.  

Success would of course prove me wrong.

None of the above has much to do with OSD-compliance, so I'll stop now.

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