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De Bug debug at centras.lt
Wed Mar 13 15:31:53 UTC 2002

>   No, it isn't.  The intent is to ensure that a "free for both open and 
>closed source use" body of code can't be turned into a "free for open 
>source use only" body of code.  I mention "GPL-taint" because the GPL is 
>the most common example of an (from my point of view) overly restrictive 
Yes indeed GPL is overly restrictive.
Free software under GPL is important because among other things
it enforces free competition but...
read carefully what the following practices mean:

>No. All the software we develop is open source / free
>software. The core MySQL[tm] server is under GPL. Some other
>modules are under LGPL or some other open source licence. We
>but that does not limit the availability of the same code
>under open source.

Well it really does not limit the availability under GPL
but one single commercial licence introduces unfaircompetition - 
those under GPL are discriminized compared with those under commercial licence

> Handling copyright in this way also allows us to sell commercial
>licences to those who do not wish to be bound by the GPL
>licence terms, and when doing so, we can afford to hire more

Sure enough but all this is at cost of users under GPL
I find this practice to be a worm of lust in free software movement
Would not it be fair in case at least one commercial licence comes out 
to immediatelly and automatically switch from GPL to LGPL

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